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Friday Books N’Review

Last weekend I so focused on my writing process, which included setting up my author’s platform. And I didn’t take time to do something that brings me pleasure such as reading. I got caught up again trying to build ROME in a day. My mind was so stressed out I couldn’t just SIT and FOCUS …

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The 3P’s of My Writing Life

Platforms Presence I did a podcast with my good friend Ann Harrison, about the 3P’s of a writer’s life, my life in particular. OMGOSH the past two weeks was chaotic. My stress level shot up to over 100% because I was trying to build ROME in a day. Crazy, right??? I was so determine to …

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hashtag #mywritinglife Welcome!

Purpose This blog is mainly for random thoughts gone mental (no offense to anyone), but I have a lot thoughts scattered inside my head, and I need a little place on the internet to release them and set my words FREE! My goal is to write without conforming to anyone’s rules. Someone said there are …

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