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This blog is mainly for random thoughts gone mental (no offense to anyone), but I have a lot thoughts scattered inside my head, and I need a little place on the internet to release them and set my words FREE! My goal is to write without conforming to anyone’s rules. Someone said there are no rules to writing, but that’s not true. There’s always rules. I just choose not to follow them, at least not right now. So I’m going to utilize this space to share my writing journey, uninhibited thoughts (don’t be scared my thoughts are usually PG), and embrace this journey of writing cozy mystery and a series of haiku books.

I love haiku. I develop a passion for haiku when I took part in NaNoWrimo. I would write a haiku before I faced the chaos of my day, by focusing on the early morning silence of my world (my sleepy kids). This allowed me to appreciate the simplicity of life around me, usually the things we often take for granted; such as the wind harmonizing through the wind chimes, and observing the droplets of the first seasonal rain. Have you ever captured the scent of the first rain? Try using all your senses with the changing seasons, you’ll be surprised what nature has to offer you.


Okay, I must confess. I was a lazy reader and writer as a child. I didn’t like school, but I excel and did well. Reading and writing wasn’t fostered in my home. It was a chore to me, and I didn’t engage in it unless it was a school assignment. So you see, this is why I call myself a latent writer. I’m nearly 60 years old, and I’m just NOW embracing both reading and writing. And cozy mystery— HELLO!!! Where have I been?

I definitely wasn’t into TV either so I didn’t know about the detective shows such as Murder She Wrote and others. But that’s neither here nor there. However, I love reading cozy mystery thanks to my first read Case Closed by Sharon Rose Mierke. For some reason she’s like a pinch from my soul, and because of that I’ve latched on to her from a distance. I love the simplistic season of her characters and her writing style, it just flows as thought the conversation was between you and all her characters. I would swear she wrote about my great grands.

I feel like I’ve discovered a pot of gold under the rainbow, seriously, that’s how passionate I feel when I grab a cozy and read it, especially one of Sharon Rose Mierke books. So now I want to write my own cozy mystery series, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. You can follow my journey because I’m going to share every step of the way, right here and elsewhere too. I am taking my author’s platform to podcast, YOUTUBE, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging.

First Book

I can officially call myself an author. I have an ebook, Echoes and Whispers: Haiku for NaNo Writers. It’s a motivational book to help writers, especially those facing a writing challenge to push words forward and keep their writing momentum going for 30 days. Be sure to pick up your copy available on different venues as an ebook Books2Read.

On this blog I just want to be who I am (authentic) while still discovering bits and pieces about myself as a writer, and improving my craft. I see great things with this blog in the near feature. But I just want to extend a personal thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post, and hopefully you will make you presence known by saying hello. Welcome to hashtag #mywritinglife a haiku written just for YOU 😉


sun don’t always shine

storms dancing on surf-side beach

soothing sound of rain

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