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Tish Bouvier

Hi! I’m Tish Bouvier (pronounce boo-vee-ei) author and haiku poet. I’m a native Texan, married to my boyfriend of 27 years, and together we have three daughters. Since I retired as a hospice nurse, my life has taken a detour. I’m a latent writer who embrace cozy mystery and haiku.

More About Me

After retiring as a hospice nurse, I’ve discovered a passion and a purpose with my writings. My desires are to inspire, enlighten, and entertain others through my written words. Every day, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to write full-time at my own leisure. I embrace this new passion of mine, and I’m ready to share with the world.

Writing isn’t easy, but if you love what you’re doing and approach writing with a positive attitude, this journey is worth every stroke I make on my keyboard. I’m also blessed to have God-fearing family and friends who supports and encourage my writing endeavors during this second phase of my life.

I wrote my first ebook Echoes and Whispers Haiku for NaNo Writers, to help writers, especially those new to the journey, and anyone taking part in NaNoWrimo  to ignite their muse and push forward one word, one sentence, one paragraph, and one page at a time without losing their writing momentum.

This particular quote by Daphne DuMarier, “writers should be read and not seen or heard,” is how I like to approach writing. But if I did that, I’ll miss out on giving honor to my voice and my stories. I want to touch the heart of my audience and offer hope, inspiration, enlightenment, and to entertain by breathing life into the words I write.

I would like to extend a welcome for you and anyone passing through, to follow me on my journey of writing and publishing my first cozy mystery series and haiku books. 

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